The Sky Touches Every World - michele théberge

The Sky Touches Every World

2014 | site-responsive mixed media installation | dimensions variable | a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, CA

While walking with his aunt one day, a little boy looks up at the sky and says, “The sky touches every single world.”

So profound, yet so simple.

The sky. It seems like ours, so close to this earth, so much a part of our weather, our daily life. But the sky doesn’t end when it reaches the earth’s atmosphere; it continues for billions of light years.

It’s easy to get caught up in our everyday lives. Our own concerns become everything.

Sometimes we forget that we are more than our important work, our pressing daily tasks. We forget that life stretches far, far beyond this. And yet it’s all contained in one moment.

Now is the time to remember that each moment, each mark, each breath is our true home.

Three huge paper ovals are suspended delicately from the ceiling flanked by a large silver disk at one end of the room a vertical oval at the other end of the room. Emanating from behind the oval are rows large iridescent white arcs that continue around a corner getting smaller and smaller. These barely perceptible marks invite a quiet mind and slower breath to view them, Underneath the floating ovals are soft mats for viewers to gaze upwards and relax as if viewing clouds passing by.