Seeds of Hope - michele théberge

Seeds of Hope

An Interactive Art Installation in Support of Immigrants

Seeds of Hope: An Interactive Art Installation in Support of Immigrants from Michele Théberge on Vimeo.

Everyone has a dream or wish that they hold close to their heart.

This country was founded by people reaching for a better life and new opportunities. The first Americans likely came here seeking food sources, a hospitable climate or a peaceful environment. The migration from Europe brought people for similar reasons – new resources, freedom of religion, increased prosperity. Today’s immigrants are also seeking a better life, new job or educational opportunities or refuge from war and oppression.

In the current political climate of fear, our government has resorted to extreme measures intolerance, building walls and closing borders all in the name of national security. In so doing, we lose a precious opportunity to support each other in realizing our collective dreams and wishes, which has the power to make us a stronger and more resilient nation.

Seeds of Hope is an interactive installation that brings together the good intentions and positive thoughts of established Americans with those of recent immigrants in a secular prayer action. By coming together, we can find joy in embracing each other’s dreams, learn about our commonalities and reaffirm our tradition of welcoming new citizens. Together we can weave a stronger, more accepting society.