Sea of Connections - michele théberge

Sea of Connections

2009 | acrylic on aluminum | 78 x 137 in (198 x 348 cm) | di Rosa, Napa, CA

Altered States: The Collection in Context
An exhibition of artworks related to the mystical, the transcendent and the transformative

During this past year of global economic stress and uncertainty, curating an exhibition about art that addresses the eternal, the immaterial and the awe-inspiring has been a welcome and much appreciated opportunity.

Michele Théberge’s work often relates to her meditation practice. Prior to creating drawings and installations, Théberge often enters into a meditative state, a state that is familiar through her many years of daily meditation practice. From this place of a still mind, exploration of the inner self or connection to the one-ness beyond the individual, her decisions of placement and composition are made effortlessly and fluidly. In her wall installation for Altered States, she refers both to Winery Lake just outside the gallery and to the mental tranquility or inner realms of meditation that are often compared to the glass-like stillness or vast depth of water.

– Chandra Cerrito, Curator