Breathing Room - michele théberge

Breathing Room

2006 | mixed media installation | 14 x 15 x 12 ft | Works/San Jose | San Jose, CA

Upon entering a completely white room, the first thing you see is a vortex of thousands of watery blue arcs moving up the wall. Below this sits a neatly stacked pile of fabric, an accumulation of hundreds of soft white rectangles interspersed with an occasional shot of blue or pale aqua echoing the watery arcs above. A white ceramic bowl of blue tinted water rests in the center of this stack. Over the course of the month, the water slowly evaporates, leaving a residue of blue pigment in rings around the periphery of the bowl.

On the wall directly opposite painted in pale iridescent white, the same arc shapes are repeated, enlarged but barely discernible. They become visible as you shift position in relationship to the light.

To the left, the third wall stands empty except for a clear ball of plastic, pinned up high towards to the upper right corner. Crumpled from a sheet of colorless acrylic medium, it casts a long diagonal shadow.

The fourth wall is illuminated by a spotlight which creates a diffused circle. Two delicate, plant-like, pencil drawings gracefully arc toward this circle of light without ever touching it.

I am particularly fascinated by what is not instantly obvious to the naked eye. When I become still and quiet, I become aware of a vast inner world. My point of view gently shifts. I invite the viewer into this state of being.